Yaghout Software Group

Terms and Conditions

Use of the services of Yaghout Software Group is subject to the acceptance of all the following laws and regulations. These laws are subject to the worldwide laws and regulations. The user explicitly states that in case of using the services of Yaghout Software Group, he/she has read all these rules in full, accepted them and signed them electronically, according to the mentioned rules, there is no need to obtain a physical signature from him/her, and He/She prints and keeps only one copy of these rules and regulations.

All customers are required to comply with the laws of their belonged countries. Any violation of the provisions of the Computer Crime Rules will result in the deactivation of the user account. All services of Yaghout Software Group must be used for legal purposes. It is also not possible to provide services to websites with criminal content under the above laws, which are contrary to the laws and regulations of the belonged country.

If a violation of the rules and regulations contained in this document be proven to the technical experts of Yaghout Software Group, the relevant services will be suspended temporarily or permanently without any prior notice until the problem is resolved.

Users Accounts
Customers are obliged to provide correct and relevant information of themselves, and if we obtain false and inaccurate information, we will be free to block the infringing user account.
According to Internet business laws, to require customers to be authenticated by Internet service providers, customers are required to provide their identity information, including a photo ID, a copy of the national card for individuals, and a legal entity request along with a copy of the official newspaper. If Yaghout Software Group does not receive and control these documents during the completion of the purchase process and to facilitate and expedite matters, we will always have the right to receive these documents.
The user must be careful in maintaining and securing the login information of his/her account and avoid assigning his account to other people. In case of any abuse due to non-compliance with the above recommendations, the user will be responsible for possible losses.
When purchasing the services provided by Yaghout Software Group, the user must ensure that their needs are in line with the services received. If the user has different and contradictory expectations from the purchased services after the purchase, ‌ no cost will be refunded to them.
Hosting Services
If the customer uses the hosting services and resources allocated in such a way that it imposes an additional burden on the service providers, he/she should upgrade the level of services or adjust its use of the mentioned resources, otherwise Yaghout Software Group can suspend the services provided.
Spamming and bulk promotional emails through the provided hosting services are not allowed and the maximum daily email sending should not exceed 150 emails.
Hosting Services should not be used as an Upload center.
Using free domains on host services of Yaghout Software Group is not permitted.
Domain Registration Services
In case of mistakes and not paying attention to the correct actions of the domain by the user, it is not possible to change, cancel and return the paid fee in any way, and Yaghout Software Group will not be responsible for this issue.
All domains registered by Yaghout Software Group are in the name and email provided by the user and the user is responsible for any transfer and loss of domain due to non-renewal through Yaghout Software Group.
The user is obliged to renew the domain before the expiration date, and the user is responsible for any negligence and failure to request and pay the renewal fee at the specified time that leads to the expiration of the registration of the domain by another person.
Hosted Websites
Dissemination of any content, services, scripts, malicious code, and anything provided through the hosting platform should not conflict with the computer crime laws approved by belonged country, and in case of complaint or violation, the provision of hosting services will be temporary or permanently suspended.
Dissemination of contents including copyright such as books, ‌ files (photos, ‌ videos, etc.), ‌software and anything that has been made available to private and public users through the hosting services and provided without the permission of the copyright holder is unauthorized and if receiving a complaint through the legal authorities regarding the content in question, the provision of hosting services will be suspended temporarily or permanently.
If the hosted website is restricted or filtered due to violations of the laws and regulations of any country, it will be the direct responsibility of the customer and if this issue has legal or criminal consequences for the Yaghout Software Group, the relevant services will be suspended.
Our team does not have any responsibility and warranty in case of defects, bugs or any other software problem for the hosted websites that has not been designed and developed by Yaghout Software Group and only hosting services have been provided for that site.
Support Services
Customers of Yaghout Software Group can receive support services by the provided phone number during office hours, support email address, ‌contact form and sending a ticket from the customer service portal to receive questions, solve technical problems and other matters.
Data Backup
Our technical experts periodically back up only through shared servers at regular intervals and through automated processes, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the latest information available before hardware or software technical issues occur. You have a responsibility to back up your data, especially on dedicated servers.
Financial Affairs and Payments
Customers are required to settle the invoice sent to their email address and available in the customer service portal before the end of the provided services.
Customers must pay the issued invoices through the account numbers listed below the invoice or through the customer service portal panel.
In case of non-settlement within 3 days after the due date of the invoice, the relevant services will be suspended for 7 days and if no action is taken to pay the invoice in this additional opportunity, Yaghout Software Group can delete the occupied information and resources through the relevant services and will not be responsible for the loss of information and failure to provide a backup to the user.
Unexpected Events
In the case of any unexpected event and other factors beyond the control of Yaghout Software Group, such as war, strike, general unrest, lightning, fire, earthquake, flood, government regulations and instructions, disconnection of urban telecommunication lines and sanctions, Yaghout Software Group will not be responsible for any service interruptions or other issues until unexpected events are resolved. If the situation returns to normal the obligations will be fulfilled ASAP and the customer will be deprived of the right to make any claim and settle any legal or criminal complaint against the Yaghout Software Group.
Yaghout Software Group reserves the right to add, change, edit or delete contents to the above terms and conditions at any time. As the citation-able version of this document will be the last version seen on this page of the website, we recommend that you visit this page periodically from time to time.