Yaghout Software Group

Privacy Policy

Respecting the privacy of customers is very important for Yaghout Software Group. This document describes how we store and use your information when registering an account and ordering services in the customer service portal of Yaghout Software Group.

Customers Personal Information
Personal information of each customer such as name, surname, gender, date of birth, national code, contact numbers, e-mail, address, postal code and photo ID card is stored encrypted in our database and will not be disclosed to any private or legal person unless the competent authorities have formally requested such information.
Contacting Customers
Tickets, messages, invoices, notifications at the time of upgrading or disruption of services, and other documents related to your services will be sent via email and SMS to the email address and mobile number provided in your account. We does not send promotional emails and text messages, we will only call your mobile number and phone number in special circumstances and in case of need for prompt notification.
Financial Transactions
When you order and purchase our services in the customer service portal, all financial transactions are done through the Shaparak platform and the Yaghout Software Group only has access to the receipt, the time of the transaction to saves. Bank card information entered through Shaparak system and it's not related to our customer service portal.
Information Related to The Device and Internet Network
Yaghout Software Group to provide better and more efficient services, stores the information of the device you use (Phone, Tablet, etc.) including browser, operating system, hardware specs, as well as information related type of your connection to the internet including WIFI, 3G, 4G networks, etc. and also use cookies from user side and database on the service provider side.
The Right to Review Privacy Policies
Yaghout Software Group reserves the right to revise and modify its privacy policies in certain circumstances in any way, the latest version of the privacy policies will always be available on this page and we ask you to review this page from time to time to stay up to date on our new policies.